Guidelines Official Nightwish sites/fan clubs:  

  • A mere website is not a official Nightwish site neither home of a fan club.
  • No official status will be granted to standalone sites like Facebook.
  • Official site/fan club status can only be given by NightwishGroup.
  • Fan club websites should have a separate section for fan club members only. This area is to have a method for other members to communicate with one another.
  • Fan clubs must be visible. Forum posts etc by fan club members may be hidden but member count and the fan club area (eg menus) should not be.."Closed groups" are not very inviting for potential new members.
  • Fan Clubs are to provide some kind of service to members, physical or electronic; e.g. E-zine, competitions, merchandise etc
  • A News section is recommended with club updates e.g. upcoming meetings, competitions, etc
  • Website is to be the main platform for the club. Social media may be used but only as an expansion to the website.
  • All clubs, new or existing, are to conform to these guidelines. Any further additions are up to the club admins.
  • Only one club per country, please contact us if you wish to discuss this.
  • Club administrators are to use the NightwishGroup forums to connect with other fan clubs from different countries. Collaborations and shared promotion is encouraged.
  • Nightwish and their management have now ceased communication to clubs, from now on all communication is managed by Nightwish’s appointed community coordinators of NightwishGroup.


New Clubs  

  • If you are about to create a fan club in your country please take these criteria into account from the very beginning. 
  • Before applying for status, please make sure you have everything in place and have an active community. 
  • New clubs are subject to a 3 month trial time before they get official status, and a further 6 month probation status. During probation If the club does not keep to standards, they will lose status with no re-application options. 
  • As soon as a club has become official it will be listed at , under Community » Forums & Fanclubs.

We would like to stress that being a member of one of the official clubs does not mean that you are automatically given the chance to meet the band.

Still, there are many features for the members, like contests, promotion in their respective countries, more interview opportunities etc.

All interviews for the fan clubs and other tour related things will be organized by NightwishGroup. Please, state your request early to all this sorted. We will take care of this and keep you informed.


The central organization NightwishGroup keeps the different clubs informed about all news and activities.